9 of the Best Bounce Tracking Services for Real Estate Investors - Crushing REI (2023)

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9 of the Best Bounce Tracking Services for Real Estate Investors - Crushing REI (1)

Was ist Hop-Tracking?

For years, hop tracking services have helped collection agencies, private investigators, and law enforcement locate elusive individuals. Jump tracking is an attempt to find information about an individual, such as B. current address, phone number, email, occupation, birthday, marital status, potential family members and more.

Some services, such as those used by private investigators, may provide detailed information about their clients, such as their criminal history and the cars they own. Like it or not, your information is out there and a jump tracker's job is to collect it and provide accurate information to the requester.

Leap tracking services also help real estate investors to get in touchpotential buyersand seller. It works by matching landlord names with information from public records, such as property and taxable mailing addresses.

There are different levels of data provided by different hop tracking services. You can use basic people search pages to get basic information about people. Other services, such as batch hop tracking services, search multiple records at once and can provide large lists of data.

Use of Jump Tracking Services in REI

When it comes toreal estate investment,Jump tracking services can be extremely beneficial for many reasons. Leap tracking software searches various databases and provides you with owner contact information such as phone numbers and email. This is particularly useful for real estate investors who want to contact a landlord about a distressed property to find out if this is the caseConsider an offer.

If you search, more detailed research may be requiredapartment buildingsor commercial real estate. Since these assets are typically owned by a business entity, you also need to track the business owner of that entity.

Some jump tracking apps are easier to use than others in terms of functionality. Free hop tracking services require you to add addresses one by one and provide limited data. Other paid services offer batch hop tracking to make it easier to find information on multiple properties at once.


A batch hop tracking service is the most popular and advantageous hop tracking service. It is used by real estate investors andwholesalerto find contact information for multiple prospects at once. This type of hop tracking is also known as bulk hop tracking.

Given the affordability of real estate bounce tracking services, batch bounce tracking services have proven to be a practical and profitable solution for investors.

With batch hop tracing, you have many options. Not all jump trackers are created equal. Accuracy, price, and ease of use vary, which is why it's important to choose the right jump tracking service that meets your needs.

Here is a list of top 9 jump tracking service platforms for real estate investors:

1. Batch skip tracking

Skip batch trackingis one of the most popular jump trackers on the market. This software is used by real estate professionals, private investigators, collection agencies, law enforcement, and other professions.

main properties

-By result: you don't need a monthly contract and you only pay by result

-Instant Results: Upload your list and get results in minutes

-Tier 1 Data: More accurate data than anyone can get

-Skip Tracing Entities: Batch skip tracing can often be performed with successful LLCs, Trusts, LPS, Inc

-Price: 0.20 per record, but the price gets better for larger lists

If you are a real estate investor or wholesaler they offer a platform called “Batch-Lead-IO.This is an all-in-one web-based application that offers solutions for hop tracking, CRM, text messaging, direct mail, list manager, and much more. For batch leads, they advertise prices starting at 0.10 per mail.

2. Skip Genie & Drop Cowboy Skip Tracing

Skip the ghostLeap tracking has been around for a while and is another popular jump tracker for real estate professionals. Their marketing is specifically aimed at helping real estate investors find owner contact information for targeted listings and properties.

Lass Cowboy fallenSkip Tracing uses Skip Genie to provide investor contact information. This web-based platform allows users to send SMS messages and contactless voice messages (RVMs) to prospects. Call Cowboy (Drop Cowboy Dialer) is a robust virtual phone system that features predictive dialer, automatic dialer, local and toll-free numbers, cloud IVR and call tracking. There are other jump tracking services like REISkip that use Drop Cowboy's jump tracking.

main properties

-People Report: Find addresses, phone numbers and related people

-Property Report: Allows you to search for an address and find related people, contact information and other potential properties they own

-Possible relatives: Occasionally the owner has no contact. Skip Genie lets you keep the trail alive by researching possible relatives

-Data Accuracy: With the new version of SG 5.0 they claim to have the most accurate jump tracking on the market

-Pricing: Skip Genie offers multiple plans starting at $58/month which include 100 surveys/month and each additional survey costs 0.17

3. PropStream

Like many of the jump trackers listed here,PropStreamclaims to provide the most accurate and complete data nationwide. With over 15 years of experience and a team of data experts, they are intimately familiar with the goals and needs of their users. PropStream has grown from a small data provider into the fastest growing, most innovative and trusted data source on the market.

PropStream offers an industry-leading end-to-end solution with access to unlimited data and listings, built-in hop tracking software, highly detailed property information, and much more.

main properties

- Comprehensive nationwide data on over 153 million properties

- Quick lists or targeted lead lists including foreclosures, tax liens, vacant properties, spot buyers, high net worth properties, zombie properties and more

-Accurate compositions to evaluate properties (data extracted from MLS)

- Accurate and up-to-date records: information on mortgages, foreclosures and foreclosure details

- Integrated skip tracing 0.12 per skip trace or 0.10 with List Automater update

I personally use PropStream and recommend it for building lists and targeting motivated sellers. The jump tracking feature is nice, but I haven't used it that much. Check out my full reviewHere.

4. REI Skip Tracing 2.0

von Max MaxwellThe REI Skip Tracing product is considered to be one of the best jump trackers on the market. They use a proprietary method of "triangulation" to find landlords previously only available to elite citizens, private investigators, and FBI agents.

REI Jump Tracking claims to buy data from the best companies and bring you the most accurate data. You will only be charged for successful hits, not for results that are not returned. There is no minimum deposit requirement and no monthly commitments.

main properties

-STT or Skip Trace Triangulation technology

-90% (or more) of your list match phone numbers

- Retrieve high-precision data in minutes

-The most accurate phone numbers in the industry

- Easy list management and vacancy flagging - you'll even know which properties are vacant!

- Price of 0.15 per record or less with the Enterprise plan

5. Start the controller

I use Launch Control regularly for SMS marketing and wrote a full reviewHere.They also offer skip tracking services.

launch controlis an SMS app designed exclusively for real estate agents and brokers. The web-based app also has a built-in jump tracker. I've personally used this jump tracker and I think it's pretty accurate. After all, they better offer a top-notch hop tracking service that provides accurate data so your text messages get delivered to the right people!

The Launch Control app is very easy to use and great for SMS marketing. Because of this, I only recommend it if you plan to use SMS marketing.

main properties

-Blacklist Alliance, Premium Litigator Scrubbing: Launch Control is TCPA compliant and always updates its software to stay compliant

-Initial Message Builder: It is very easy to create meaningful initial messages to be delivered

- Ignore the built-in tracking that returns a 98% match rate

– Pricing starts at $497/month plus bounce tracking for 0.15 per record

6. Sherpa leader

like the launch control,Sherpa leaderis an SMS marketing tool that allows real estate professionals to contact hundreds of sellers at once. It's an effective marketing approach that's growing in popularity among wholesale real estate agents and street vendors looking for leads from motivated sellers.

Lead Sherpa also offers jump tracking. They claim to provide the most up-to-date contact information for private, LLC, trust, and corporate properties. When you sign up for Lead Sherpa's jump tracking program, you'll receive up to 14 data points per record, including bankruptcy, foreclosure and lien information, in just minutes.

main properties

-Compliant SMS campaigns continuously evaluated by leading TCPA advocates

-PropStack allows you to prioritize leads and remove duplicate leads from multiple lists

-Skip tracking with a 97% hit rate

- SMS marketing pricing starts at $400/month and bounce tracking is $0.15 per click

7. Quality leaps

Quality Skips is another skip tracking option that provides effective results. Response time is typically 24 hours to skip tracking a list, but the data is excellent. They're even endorsed by real estate moguls,Grant Cardone.

skip qualityWhile it stays under the radar and doesn't do much marketing, when it comes to bypass tracking, they deliver good results. I personally use Quality Skips for many of my Skips tracking needs and have done many wholesale deals with their data. Wait until you see how competitive the prices are!

main properties

-98%+ jump tracking hit rate

- Offers up to 4 mobile numbers, 4 landline numbers and 2 emails

-Can successfully skip tracking companies like LLCs

-Can skip the owner's deceased relatives

-Very competitive pricesstarting at 0.07 per tracked hop record

Quality is also used by Skipscarrot investorfor their website which i use for my website with motivated seller leads,Buyer of a lakefront home.

For more information and my full Investor Carrot review, visitHere!

8. Radar tracking of bypassed properties

real estate radarLeap Tracking is another all-in-one tool for real estate investors. Similar to PropStream, this web-based service allows users to create listings, lookup owner information, skip tracking, and integrate with over 4,000 apps and services.

HowCommercial machine application, Real Estate Radar hat einedrive for dollarsFeature that allows users to view the details of any property on the go using data visualization and heatmaps. You can seamlessly add photos, take notes on each property while you're away, and share them with your team. With the instant hop tracking feature, you can even call or message sellers on the go.

Here are some other key features of Property Radar:

- Search residential and commercial properties with advanced data from public records

-Contact potential sellers by phone, email, direct mail, in person and online

- List builder that is always up to date

-Leap tracking is integrated depending on the chosen monthly plan

- Pricing starts at $49/month and ignores tracking of $0.15 per record

9. Skip Tracer Free: TruePeopleSearch

TruePessoasPesquisaIt is extremely easy to use. Just enter a name, phone number or address and get instant results. Since this is a free site, many ads have to be filtered and they try to sell you more detailed information.

Use the free People Finder to find basic information about virtually every adult in the United States. It's as comprehensive, up-to-date and accurate as any premium search engine. Other features include free reverse phone lookup, free address lookup and free instant background check.

I've personally used TruePeopleSearch for "one time" jump tracks and as with any jump tracker, the data is unpredictable. But I definitely had success with it.

Choose the right skip tracing service for your business

if you have onehouse rotationWhether you're in wholesale or wholesale business, finding leads from motivated sellers is your lifeblood. Using a good jump tracking service is critical to your success. There are manydifferent types of marketingChannels available and all working but I recommend skipping the follow up and calling or texting the owners. Don't let your competition get all the leads, start reaching out to homeowners with distressed properties today!

Care: The Zero Dollar Marketing Method: Wholesale

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